Sandy Acton’s SleevesUp summer campaign

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I have had several family members benefit from blood donors, like you, who gave the “gift of life” by pulling their “Sleeves Up”!  I have been a donor since my Freshman year of high school and now sit on the Southern California BioMed Blood Services Committee for the American Red Cross – in fact, the facility that processes blood here in So. Cal. sits in the tech park at Cal Poly Pomona that I am building out and manage.  Will you join me in this campaign? It is easy!  My goal is to reach 100 donations.

-Sleeves Up Virtual Blood Drive running thru August 31, 2018. Please forward to colleagues, families and friends. Anyone anywhere can donate blood through the link and you will get credit for the donation.

-Missing Types: June 11-July 3rd there is an exciting national campaign that you and/or your company can take advantage of while helping to save lives by driving donations.

-The summer is our most difficult time to meet our nationwide blood goals because our high schools are closed and they provide 25% of our donations. If you are interested in scheduling a blood drive at your company, city, church….. we are scheduling for August now.

Please contact me with any questions that you may have.

Thank you for helping us save lives.

Sandy Vaughan-Acton


Posted on: August 31, 2018

I rolled up my sleeve! Can I get a few more of my colleagues and friends to do the same? You don’t have to give today, just sign up today and give on a date in a place convenient to you in the near future. I’d love to get at least 5 more sign ups today!

Thank you for giving the gift of life!!!

Just a few days left of this campaign!

Posted on: August 27, 2018

I am so gratified that friends and colleagues have stepped up and put their sleeves up for this campaign! If you have been meaning to sign up but just haven’t, there is still time – we are live through August 31st!!!!

Thank you to the 17 people who have signed up. If you have given already, thank you for that. If you are scheduled to give, please be sure not to miss your appointment! Oh, and you can always give again with or without my campaign!

Thanks again for giving the gift of life!

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