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My best friends 5-year-old nephew was recently diagnosed with leukemia. He is the sweetest and bravest boy, but his family is calling for any and all to help! There is a critical blood shortage that is impacting the rate of treatment for patients around the nation. Here is a snippet that his mother shared on the Perry Power Facebook page:

“How can you help? Please, please, please PRAY or send positive thoughts and vibes for Perry, his team at NCH, our strength and endurance. We certainly need them. And please, please, please consider donating blood and platelets if you can. There is a severe shortage right now (cue worry, fear, anxiety) and there are kids like Perry, adults too, that depend on these life saving transfusions. I knew this was important before, but never like this. Perry has already received a few blood and platelet transfusions, and will continue to do so through this treatment. Check out the American Red Cross Blood Donor app to make scheduling in your area as easy as possible.”

If you are willing and able, please consider donating blood to help the families and individuals impacted by this debilitating shortage. It would mean the absolute world to me and all of those who love sweet Perry if you could do this selfless act.

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #SFIndyPerryPower

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