Russell Reynolds Associates San Francisco SleevesUp!

4 /25

We are all playing an important role in the health of our communities by continuing to Shelter In Place. As a close-knit office, this has been no small feat! While we count the days until we meet F2F again, let’s come together – figuratively speaking – to continue our volunteer work in concrete ways.

Accidents, disasters and chronic illnesses will not stop during COVID-19. Because blood is perishable and cannot be manufactured, there is a continued need for donations.

In accordance with social distancing orders, the donations will be done on an APPOINMENT ONLY basis. If you do not see an appointment available in the coming week or two, we encourage you to schedule an appointment into May or June to ensure a stable supply in the coming months as the pandemic evolves/devolves. Feel free to check out the Blood Donor mobile app.

There is a high demand for AB plasma donations because AB plasma is universal and important for trauma patients in cases of emergency where time-saving measures are critical. However, AB blood is rare. If you are interested in finding out your blood type, you may request personal medical records to find out your blood type in advance of making an appointment. You may also choose to donate “Whole Blood”, “Power Red,” or “Platelets” – for these donations, there is no need to be a certain blood type.

Please know that this campaign is NOT just for RRA employees. You are more than welcome to share this campaign URL with family members and friends.

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #RRASFSleevesUp

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