RUN To Change Lives Virtual Blood Drive

Changing Lives One Pint At A Time!
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Not all heroes wear capes! Did you know January is National Blood Donor Month (US)? Here’s your chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself! The simple act of giving blood can be the ultimate pay-it-forward moment. There is a constant need for blood in communities all over the world. That need can be met by generous donors like you! What better way to “Change Lives” than donating our life giving blood to those in need?!

This year, RTCL is hosting a virtual blood drive. Please consider supporting our efforts by Pledging to donate blood sometime between now and February 15, 2023! Our goal is to have at least 100 members pledge to give blood! Let’s rally RTCL and put the “Change Lives” in RUN To Change Lives!
If there is not a Red Cross location nearby, you can still pledge your donation, and then check out some of these other sites:
If you are in the US:
If you are outside the US:
Or search for ways to give blood in your home country.