Rox’s Roll’em Up for Red!

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Sleeves up everyone! Nearly 13,000 blood drives have been cancelled as of 4/1 due to Covid19 concerns. With fewer eligible donors, our country is facing a critical blood shortage. If you’re healthy and feeling well, please pledge to make an appointment and donate blood within the next month. I’m hoping for one donation for each year of life I’ve been blessed with. Donating is still easy and safe, and would be the best birthday gift you could ever give— life!
Thank you so much,
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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #SaveTheHumans

Joe Q Carioti
I am looking forward to using my tools to plant many more trees with her in real life and leave this place better t…… at 22.9.2020 13:27
[email protected] @LL3n
I was able to squeeze in a triple #platelet donation over the weekend @VitalantLV It's good to see the… at 21.9.2020 14:12
Drew Cecil
Strange things are afoot at the Circle K #beexcellenttoeachother #catchyoulater #History #partyon #savethehumans #amigos #mostunusualday at 19.9.2020 23:32