Road to Recovery: A Blood Drive in Honor of Scott Steffen

Scott is passionate about donating blood. He never knew when he might need it.
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On December 13, tragedy struck when Scott Steffen was involved in a devastating motorcycle accident. The accident left Scott with a multitude of severe injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, facial fractures, a broken pelvis, and a broken left hand. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, Scott’s condition deteriorated, and he tragically passed away on January 13.

During his time in the hospital, Scott required multiple blood transfusions due to the significant bleeding in his brain. Scott understood the critical role that blood donations play in saving lives, and he was acutely aware that he or someone he cared about could one day rely on such a donation to survive. For nearly a decade, Scott committed to donating blood multiple times each year. Through his consistent contributions, Scott played an instrumental role in ensuring that patients in need had access to life-saving transfusions. His unwavering commitment to giving back through blood donation is a powerful testament to his compassionate nature and the impact one individual can have on the lives of others.

We have set an ambitious goal in honor of Scott’s unwavering commitment to giving back through blood donation. Our aim is to achieve 100 blood donations by Scott’s birthday on April 19th. By donating blood, you have the power to grant someone a second chance at life and aid in their recovery, just as Scott was fortunate enough to receive. Let us unite as a community and bestow the ultimate gift of life upon those who are in desperate need. Together, we can continue Scott’s legacy of compassion and generosity, ensuring that his spirit lives on in the selfless act of blood donation. Join us in this noble endeavor and make a difference in the lives of those who are fighting for survival.