Rite Aid in the Community: Blood Drive

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Rite Aid recognizes the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday is a time to serve what he called the “Beloved Community”, a society based on justice, equal opportunity and love for each other that represents inclusiveness, both economic and social.

This year for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Rite Aid & American Red Cross join together in an effort to provide the life-saving gift of blood. In today’s virtual environment we know how hard it is to participate in volunteer events. That is why we are providing our associates with an easy opportunity to donate blood. We prioritize all of our associates’ safety and want to ensure you that all blood donation sites are following safety guidelines and social distancing during the pandemic.

To participate, click on the “Pledge to Give Blood” link above on the right. This link will provide an opportunity to find existing donation sites located in your community where you will be able to register and donate blood.

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

Thank you.

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