Ride On For Jesse Rooke #27

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This is a VIRTUAL blood drive to honor Jesse Rooke; it is for out of state family & friends, or anyone who can’t be at the February 19th drive.

You can participate VIRTUALLY in the blood drive by:
– then donating at your local American Red Cross🩸

📆This Virtual blood drive is from:
January 30, 2023 thru March 31, 2023.

This VIRTUAL drive- Ride On for Jesse Rooke #27- will be linked with the IN PERSON drive on February 19, 2023, when we will be honoring Jesse’s life at an American Red Cross blood drive at The American Red Cross Chapter Office- Biltmore location.
***This IN PERSON drive is by appointment only, limited to 30 people, so please consider donating via the Virtual drive, if the February 19 appointments are booked.****

This blood drive is intended to honor the life and passions of Jesse Rooke. Jesse was highly motivated and very entrepreneurial. Many know of his business building custom motorcycles – those who met him personally or knew him well also experienced his passion to inspire kids to pursue active lifestyles – especially athletics and motorsports. Every new business idea he had involved inspiring and motivating kids. He loved encouraging and talking about Scarlett, his nephews, niece, cousins, and friend’s kids active endeavors. He enjoyed RC cars, BMX, bicycle racing, auto racing, motorcycle racing – anything active.

For this blood drive, we’d like to think about the kids he cared so much about, especially those who might struggle to follow his inspiration due to health or other challenges. Our hope through this blood drive is to continue to help others. We aim to give life through these blood donations in Jesse’s name.💙💙💙

For more about Jesse, check out this YouTube clip from Sturgis:



Rooke Customs’ Darla | KTM-Based Masterpiece