Pyx Health #SleevesUp Blood Drive 2023

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Come one, come all, let’s go #SleevesUp in July!

While improving mental health is one of the main themes of the work we do here at Pyx, there are also ways we can help people in our communities with their physical health. We want to encourage Pyx to embrace discomfort by doing something that might be new or unfamiliar to you – donating blood!

Blood donations are crucial to helping people survive surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, and traumatic injuries. Donations are ALWAYS needed to ensure there is not a shortage when people need it most. “When you give, others live.” This is why we will be running an in-person (Tucson) and virtual (everywhere!) blood drive during the month of July!

Schedule your blood donation during the week July 24-31 (or any time during July if that works better for you) to participate. We’ll track how many blood donations we make, and how many lives we’re helping with our donations. We’re shooting for 25 donations, but exceeding our goal would be another way to show that #ServiceIsOurObsession!

Commit to donating on this page and help us reach our goal.


Tucson: You will be able to walk up and donate on July X [INSERT DATE] in Tucson where we’ll have the BloodMobile parked outside the Pyx HQ. You can also pre-schedule a specific time on the website or app as well.

Remote: Schedule your appointment on the Blood Donor app or Red Cross donor website.

Contact Kaylan Mills if you need assistance finding a blood drive location near you.

Once you donate be sure to post it on More than a Job and, and we’ll use the pics to commemorate our 2023 Pyx blood drive and impact!