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Pyramid has supported the Red Cross through disaster relief efforts and blood drives over our 25+ year history.
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Blood Donations Saved These Lives

• In December 2022, Jillian Robey, our new Health and Human Services BD Director, was scheduled for a routine one-hour laparoscopic surgery. She was relatively healthy and passed all the pre-surgical exams with flying colors. There was no reason to believe that anything would go wrong. That quickly changed – after her surgeon made the second incision, Jillian started bleeding uncontrollably. The medical team could not determine where the bleeding was coming from and they immediately started her on blood transfusions. The transfusions she received saved her life and donations YOU make will save someone else’s!

• Karen Foster’s mother, who was an avid blood donor, became deathly ill after giving birth, and without the multiple blood transfusions she received, she would have died.