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We of The Proud Boys are organizing a national blood drive. The American Red Cross is an amazing organization, and in the best of times encourages the citizens of our great country to donate blood. In these trying times it is imperative to keep this great human tradition alive. We invite you to safely participate in this endeavor and set an appointment at your local Red Cross location.

Who are The Proud Boys? We are a multiracial, international men’s club who believe in freedom, community, and the value of western culture. Western culture is the apex of human society where everyone is viewed as equal under the law and in the eyes our Creator, no matter how you worship Him. We often engage in the political process, and last but certainly not least we like BEER! (please, do not drink while engaging in this blood drive).

What is the goal of this drive? We would like to assist our communities by donating blood or plasma. Your donation could contribute in the saving of a life of someone in a dire situation. It’s a selfless act which could make a huge difference.

What spurred us to organize this drive? There is a member of one of our chapters who had a family member come down with a very serious case of Covid-19. Her situation was dire, but fortunately this amazing person was a fighter, and the medical staff (God bless our first responders and medical personnel) worked tirelessly to help improve her condition. Watching the video of her being taken out of the hospital in a wheel chair to the elated cheers of family and staff brought a tear to the eye, and still does as I write this. It was one of those moments in time that brings hope to the human condition.

If you are unable to donate blood due to a medical condition or for any other reason, please consider a financial donation to your local Red Cross. this organization helps respond to all types of emergencies and blood is just a part of the important work that they do to save lives.

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