Proud MUD Blood

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Giving blood saves lives, and we do not have enough blood available all the time. MUD, and the Western Region of MDI have stepped up to add to the supply.

30 years ago, I gave 8 times — A Gallon. I gave at the Stanford Blood Bank, and I was a “Premie Donor” as well.

Then HIV / AIDS arrived and for many years I was excluded from donating because at some time in the past I had intimate contact with another man. The policy caught up with the science, and I can donate again!

Please join with me, and the men of MUD Men’s division in making this life saving act.

Get into action, let your friends know that you are a #ProudMUDBlood !

David Lincer

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #ProudMUDBlood

David Lincer
Got my blood donation scheduled for this Saturday. First time in 30 years! #ProudMUDBlood at 16.9.2020 09:50