Procore Lifesavers

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January is National Blood Donor Month in the Unite States, a time when we’re called upon to help replenish the critical blood supplies in our community and across the nation. We’re reaching out to each and every Procorian to consider making a life-saving blood donation this month.

Giving blood is about giving the most priceless gift anyone can give – the gift of life. Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood, and just one donation can potentially save up to three lives. In these challenging times, the need for blood donations is more urgent than ever.

At Procore, we believe in the power of giving back to our local community. By donating blood, we’re not just helping strangers in need; we’re helping our neighbors, friends, and perhaps even our own family members who may one day rely on these crucial donations.

Let’s embrace this opportunity to make a difference. It’s in our hands to ensure that every hospital and health facility in our community has enough blood supplies to save lives.

Remember, the act of donating blood is safe, quick, and easy, but the impact it can have is profound and long-lasting. Let’s come together as a team, roll up our sleeves, and contribute to this noble cause. Let’s show the world that Procorians care and are here to make a difference.

Thank you for considering this life-saving donation!