Peraton SleevesUp in March

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March is Red Cross Month, and you can help. Peraton and the American Red Cross are teaming up to get patients lifesaving blood.

The need for blood is constant—1 in 7 patients in a hospital will need a blood transfusion.

The ARC provides about 40% of our nation’s blood and blood components, all from generous volunteer donors. Supply often doesn’t meet demand; only about 3% of eligible people donate blood yearly. Each new donor makes a difference.

Why give?

ARC not only promotes blood donations; they also provide humanitarian relief around the world. Here are a few statistics:

• Every eight minutes, Red Cross volunteers provide critical support for disaster in the U.S.
• Every day, volunteers donate blood at drives to help save the lives of people battling life-threatening injuries, complicated childbirths, cancer, and sickle cell disease.
• ARC volunteers provide 24/7, global support to military families—deployed loved ones in military hospitals or who are returning to civilian life as veterans.
• ARC workers respond to international disasters and crises and help communities prepare for emergencies around the globe.
• Millions of ARC-trained individuals stand ready every day to use CPR, first aid, and other lifesaving skills in an emergency.

Are you ready to help ARC and pledge to give blood? Sign up today!