Pabst 1st Annual Virtual Blood Drive

Join Pabst as we pledge to give back to our communities by participating in a nation-wide blood drive!
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In the month of October, Pabst is partnering with The American Red Cross virtual “Sleeves Up” pledge campaign for a companywide blood drive.

As students begin to head back to school, it’s time to come back to giving blood. Blood costs nothing to give, yet it’s one of the most valuable resources on earth. Blood donations help a slew of conditions and patients of all ages, like accident and burn victims, heart surgery, child birth transfusions, and organ transplant patients. One blood donation can save up to three lives. Donors of all blood types are needed, especially type O, which stands at just a one-day supply right now.

For our non-SA based employees, this “Sleeves Up” digital campaign gives them an opportunity to donate blood in their respective communities. Please pledge to use one day of your volunteer leave PTO for this cause. As soon as you submit your pledge, click here and enter your zip code, to find the blood drives nearest you. Every employee that pledges to use to volunteer PTO, submits the PTO request, and provides proof of donation, will receive a thank you gift.

Together, during this national emergency for lifesaving blood, we can all make a difference!

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #courageousdoers

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