Operation Fight Like A Kid

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Where to begin to describe the impact left behind by a very special little boy

Kamden was only five years old when he passed away from an aggressive brain cancer surround by love at his home on April 27 2022 a day early of his 6th birthday.

But the brave legacy Kamden left behind will never disappear.
Through his courageous and brave battle against his disease, he always found the joy amongst the uncomfortable, and amongst his suffering. He taught thousands of people around the globe what true strength and courage was. Through his journey, he showed what it really means to “fight like a kid”. Even when it hurt, Kamden was able to smile. He taught people to hold on to the happy within the storm, the courage to face anything. Even at such a young age, Kamden was force to be reckoned with, and showed the world what it takes to become a legend.

He endured a 10 hour brain surgery, 30 rounds of radiation and high does chemotherapy and that little boy fought through it with such grace

Kiddos like Kam or any kid with cancer deserve so much better. They deserve a cure. They deserve an unmoving army that won’t stop until no child has to die because of cancer.

Kamden was able to stay here on earth longer with his family and friends because he was able to get blood transfusions.
Kiddos need blood during their treatment and it’s a vital part in why a lot of them beat their cancer

Please honor Kamden and his legacy and other kids fighting a battle they should not have to.

Please donate blood