Omnicell 2023

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Did you know that every 2 seconds, someone in the United Stated needs lifesaving blood? As blood donor, you can help respond to this need, saving up to 3 lives with one donation.

To help the support the critical work done by the Red Cross, who are the largest blood supplier in the United States, Omnicell is proud to be hosting a virtual blood drive beginning in January, Blood Donor Awareness month, and continuing through 2023! As part of this drive, Omnicell will also be donating $100 to the American Red Cross for every life impacted by blood donation. With every pint of blood donated saving 3 lives, this means that Omnicell will donate $300 per blood donation!

Signing Up:

Signing up is easy! Simply select “pledge to give blood” and you will be redirected to sign up for a blood drive near you. For those who live in areas where the American Red Cross does not operate, please still pledge through the Sleeves Up page and within the “comments for the host” section indicate what organization you are donating blood to and the anticipated date of your donation. We will then add in your impact and match manually!

Omnicell understands that the most convenient time to donate blood may be during work hours and has made blood donations eligible for Paid Volunteer Time Off!

Once you have registered for a drive, be sure to download the free Blood Cross Donor App to access important features such as:
• Joining the Omnicell Team to ensure every time you donate blood you are marked as part of the Omnicell community
• Tracking the journey of your blood donation from the donation site to patient bedside
• Accessing sign-in forms early to make check-in a breeze

The simple act of blood donation only takes about an hour but can be the difference between life and death for patients facing COVID, cancer, trauma, surgery, and more. To see how the power of blood donation changed one patient’s life, please see Ashley’s Come Back Story above.

Not able to donate blood? Consider being a blood hero by volunteering with the Red Cross or encouraging eligible blood donors to donate on your behalf. For someone to donate blood on your behalf, all you need to do is share the link to the Omnicell Sleeves Up page and have them write “donating on behalf of (your name)” when they sign up. Those who donate on your blood behalf will also be eligible for Omnicell’s company match to the American Red Cross. Omnicell also offers a company match to the American Red Cross if you would prefer to donate on the YourCause platform.

Together we at Omnicell can help be the difference for those in need of blood. Make 2023 the year you become a Blood Hero by participating in Omnicell’s virtual blood drive!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].