Newhope Church Wake Forest in memory of George Floyd

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We are all feeling hopeless, we are feeling like we can’t do anything.  We are asking you to give blood to honor those who have been  treated as "less than".  Take a picture of yourself with the hashtag HOPEWINS.  In memory of George Floyd.

The letters you see missing here may not seem like a big deal. But the letters A, B and O make up our main blood groups. And for a patient in the hospital needing blood, it’s everything.

Only 3 out of 100 Americans donate blood, yet every two seconds someone needs it. Fewer people are donating blood to help patients. You can change that by joining the international Missing Types movement and fill in the missing blood types.

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #Hopewins

Catholic Mass Today | Daily TV Mass, Monday September 28 2020 via @YouTube #hopewins #KeeptheFaith #GodBlessYou at 28.9.2020 12:45
Justin Brown
I had a bit of a ‘moment’ today at the @UrbanLeagueOK. The work being done at their Community Hope Center was so im…… at 25.9.2020 02:06
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Moments like this......SPEECHLESS! 📸 @savannahmhopkins • • • #vsco #worshiplive #liveworship… at 24.9.2020 00:47
Catholic Mass Today | Daily TV Mass, Wednesday September 23 2020 via @YouTube #hopewins #KeepTheFaith #GodBlessYou at 23.9.2020 22:56
D. Liam Dorris
@PeteButtigieg Mr. Buttigieg, I recommend using your influence to get candidates to move left and stand tall for ac…… at 22.9.2020 20:42
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“In memoriam” at dawn #hopewins at 21.9.2020 06:41