NCMS Sleeves Up Virtual Blood Drive

NCMS Sleeves Up Blood Drive
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We work together every day to protect the warfighters. Today, we want to accomplish something equally as meaningful.

The American Red Cross must collect 15,000 blood donations every day to have enough blood to help patients in 2,700 hospitals and transfusion centers across the country. That’s a lot of patients in need and all of us, coming together, can help ensure patients receive lifesaving blood.

So, for those who cannot personally give at this year’s NCMS Annual Training Seminar we ask that you please make and keep an appointment by using our #NCMSSleevesUp campaign to give blood at your local American Red Cross.

Share the #NCMSSleevesUp Campaign

Posted on: May 13, 2022

Thank you to everyone who has made a pledge to donate blood using this virtual campaign.

Please feel free to share this campaign with anyone in your organization or with your family and friends.

Again, don’t forget to post your picture with our hashtag!!!!


Mike Hommer