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NBNA Annual Blood Drive: Saving our community one nurse at a time!
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National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) is pleased to partner with the American Red Cross to encourage people to give blood as part of our “SleevesUp” virtual blood drive. It is vitally important that our nation’s blood supply is abundant during critical times…high traffic accidents during major holidays; during man-made and natural disasters; for elective and emergency surgeries; for transplants and transfusions; and especially transfusions for sickle cell patients.

Please watch the short video above to learn more about how blood transfusions help people living with sickle cell disease and why blood donations from African American donors are so important.  NBNA is calling on ALL nurses, our family, friends and colleagues to roll up your sleeves to provide life sustaining blood.

Donate NOW! #NBNASavesLives #NBNA #NBNA50thAnniversary

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