National Donor Day – Blood Drive

Join us and raise awareness for organ, eye and tissue donation this National Donor Day!
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National Blood Drive
National Donor Day is one of the largest annual awareness events, it is celebrated on February 14th across the transplant community. Most people know this day as Valentine’s Day and, in the spirit of love and doing good for others, this year CKF and several nonprofits across the U.S. have teamed up to host a collection of blood drives across the country to help with the current blood shortage, given the unfortunate circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and the strain, it’s put on hospitals and transplant centers nationwide.

This event aims to bring the transplant community together as one to spread a unified message to register as organ donors. Donating blood is an easy and simple commitment to help save a life and can start the conversation of organ, eye, and tissue donation. Blood transfusions are used for transplants and therefore tackling the current national blood shortage is critical for the transplant community. Through acts such as blood drives, we can introduce the topic of organ donation to the general public without overwhelming or intimidating attendees.

Partnering with other nonprofits and OPO’s is critical to help empower the message and spread the impact of this event across the entire USA.

This year’s event will be run as a hybrid with participants having the option to attend an in-person blood drive or donate through our virtual blood drives with Vitalant and Red Cross! Please register here and then just head to your nearest location!

You may be wondering why a blood drive for National Donor Day? 🩸

Posted on: February 4, 2022

– CKF aims to inspire and educate about organ, eye, and tissue donation with blood being tissue and nearly 16 million blood components being transfused each year in the US it is a perfect choice‼ This makes blood donations one of the most needed tissue donations! Blood can be transfused for many different reasons from trauma surgery to childbirth 👶and transplantation! 🫁

– 64% of patients receive a red blood cell transfusion within the first year of transplantation most within the first month, meaning that blood is a critical part of most transplant recipients’ journeys. 🤯

– Transfusions may also be needed for those on the transplant waiting list with approximately 30% of transplant candidates needing at least one blood transfusion within 3 years of being on the list. Hosting or participating in a blood drive helps to ensure hospitals are always ready to help a transplant patient. 💥

– Blood is tangible and is a simple process where the donor is not faced with surgery or the idea of death. Therefore blood donation can open a window for individuals into the organ donation world and allow them to see the life-saving and life-changing results of donation. 💚💙

– Finally, we are currently in a national blood shortage in the United States with some hospitals reporting less than a one-day supply of critical blood types. The 10% decline in blood donations has led to the worst blood shortage in over a decade and we can help combat this by taking a small part of our day to donate! ❤️

Help save lives this National Donor Day!

Posted on: February 3, 2022

With the simple act of donating blood, you can be someone’s hero! 🦸

Help us start the conversation of organ🫀, eye 👁, and tissue 🩸donation by signing up for the National Donor Day Blood Drive!

With the help of our partners all over the USA, we have a blood donation option for everyone! 🇺🇸

If you cannot donate please don’t worry you can always volunteer at your local blood drive, or host your own awareness event that CKF will support! You can even help by simply sharing this post and encouraging all your family and friends to support you! 💚💙

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What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #NDD

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