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Will you join me WAVE Country? N_ m_re missing types!
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There is no substitute for human blood!!   Every two seconds, someone in the U-S needs blood according to the Red Cross– that’s 40-thousand patients each day but only three percent of the population donates.  You don’t have to be a math genius to understand we need more donors and fast.  Blood is often needed for emergency situations or for patients fighting cancer, facing surgery or battling illnesses like sickle cell.  The whole life saving process of giving blood takes little more than an hour.  It takes you longer than that to renew you license plate sticker at the DMV and its not near as rewarding after you’re done.  My family has benefited before from someone rolling up their sleeve and giving the gift of life.  My father received blood after an emergency appendectomy after his appendix ruptured while running The Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-Marathon.   Just hours before starting this campaign and writing this plea, my cousin Cheryl was rushed to the hospital where she received a transfusion due to an illness.  I do not know who donated the blood but I do know that person is a Hero.  I know they cared enough to give 60 minutes of their time giving blood so the person receiving that gift had a chance to live.  Will you please take the time to give blood?  If you are healthy and living, it is running through your veins.  If you cannot give please help me recruit others who can give.  I thank you so much in advance!!

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