MPG’s Be Some Body’s Type

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America is currently facing the worst blood shortage in more than a decade due in large part to a drop in blood donations after the pandemic. The National Blood Crisis is threatening patient care and forcing doctors to make tough choices about who can receive blood transfusions.
In honor of January being National Blood Donor Month, Market Performance Group has created this blood drive opportunity to bolster support, educate, and encourage blood donations from those who are willing and able to do so. Due to federal laws, there are some restrictions on donating blood. If this is your first time donating, please contact a medical professional or visit the Red Cross’s eligibility page to verify your donation eligibility:
When you pledge to donate, you will be provided with physical blood drive locations near you. As long as you donate at one of the provided locations by the end of February, your donation will be tracked under our blood drive.
Market Performance Group is happy to support this extremely important initiative. We thank all participants for your support as well. Together, we can make a difference. #MPGbesomebodystype and consider donating and helping to save lives!