Morgan Delaney Valentine’s Blood Drive

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Morgan Delaney was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer at Thanksgiving in 2022. She fought bravely through chemo & radiation, but ultimately lost her fight just a month after her 21st birthday, in September of 2023. She was a senior at the University of Georgia (UGA). We always thought that blood donations were for trauma, but through Morgan we learned that blood and platelet transfusions are an important aspect of cancer treatment. Without these treatments we would have lost her much sooner. We knew Morgan was going to change the world, and we want to make sure that she still does. And so we are sharing what we’ve learned about the importance of blood donations for cancer treatment, and are asking others to continue to donate blood in Tribute to Morgan. We held a blood drive sponsored by the Atlanta Braves, Delta Air Lines, and the Red Cross of Georgia at Truist Park in November for the anniversary of her diagnosis, and we beat their highest number of donations in a single day. At the time we also set up a Sleeves Up campaign that was created to serve friends and family that wanted to donate but were out of state, and for those locally that we not able to join us on that date. As a result we know that collectively there have been over 300 people who donated in Tribute to Morgan. And think about that – each donation can save up to three lives. In honor of Valentine’s Day we are setting up this next 2-month virtual Sleeves Up Campaign. Please continue to help other families have more time with their loved ones, help them win and survive, and help us to keep Morgan’s legacy going. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.