Mindtree – Be The Giver Campaign

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Most of us have been nurtured to be the “go-getters”. We’ve been asking and continue to ask, “What do I get in return?”, ‘What’s in it for me?”.

Communities thrive when we do quite the opposite – GIVE. All great people and organizations across the world believed in this simple yet powerful reality and made a lasting impact by their acts of giving. Giving isn’t always associated to monetary donations, it could be the giving of simple things that matter a lot. Giving can take various forms, such as smiling at people we meet in the elevator, sharing expertise, donating blood and so on.

The “R” in #BeTheGiveR stands for “Responsible”. While giving is important, it is equally important to do so responsibly. When we give, we work closely with our partners and communities and get to the finish line to ensure that the objective and goals are achieved together.

Communities flourish when we have more givers. The American Red Cross’s Sleeves Up Campaign is one such joint initiative with Mindtree to help save lives through blood donation. So let’s join hands and together pledge to save lives one pint of blood at a time!

Go, #BeTheGiveR