MERCYWORLDWIDE Blood Drive – Chicago

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MERCYWORLDWIDE is a faith-based international humanitarian organization, and a movement of love and compassion. We are committed to Maximizing Efforts – people, organizations, resources, and funding – to provide Relief and Care to those in underprivileged conditions, with a special focus on Youth, worldwide.

This year, we are excited to once again partner with the Red Cross in cities across the U.S. to activate our network in support of our second annual national blood drive initiative.

Last year’s partnership spanned 30 U.S. cities where we collected 902 pints of blood! We are immensely grateful to our volunteers who donated, and excited to expand these efforts this year to collect even more life-saving blood for patients in need.

Know MERCY? Pledge to give blood today!

How do I register?

1) Click Pledge to Give Blood
2) Fill out your personal information
3) Put in the sponsor code MERCYWORLDWIDE to participate in our locally MERCY hosted blood drive or put in your zip code to find a blood drive near your no matter what the state or city you are in.

MERCYWORLDE Hosted Blood Drive

When: Monday, December 20, 2021
Where: Volunteer Hall | 2200 West Harrison Street Chicago, IL 60612
Time: 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Bring a photo ID or your blood donor card, or two other forms of ID.
Eat a healthy meal and drink an extra 16 oz. of water and fluids before the donation.
You can save up to 15 minutes when you donate blood by using RapidPass! Visit for more information.

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #MERCYBleedsGreen

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