Mega Start Chiranjeevi Blood Donation USA Group

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True inspiration leader our loved Mega Star Chiranjeevi Garu. We are small group of people from India and living in USA various states and truly inspired by Mr. Chiranjeevi, our mage start and true leader with many community and social activities. He is our guru and inspiration for continuing his legacy with small token of Our Blood to support and follow his inspiration activities like Blood Donation, Eye Donation and support each one to 3 people if at all possible. To start this, we (Hari Kalavakuri; Krishna Samantula; Shanker Singamsetty; Ram Babu, Mangu; Vayineni Kondala;Easwar, Arige; Trinadh Mudragada; Venkata Rajesh Peddireddy and entire Group of Chiranjeevi Fans.