Matt’s 40-somethingth Birthday Drive

Let's Celebrate Life and Save Lives!
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I have always been dedicated to donating, from the time I could start at 18, in every community, in every state. It was something simple, something special that I learned form the example of my father. I never really thought about it “saving lives”, I did it because I could, and I knew it would help someone.

I’ve taught CPR and advanced cardiac care courses off-and-on since I was 17. I loved helping people learn how to identify a need and save a life.

I’ve been an EMT since I was 19, helping in my communities to save lives, see the need, and help the needy.

This year I’m asking everyone who can to roll up their sleeves and donate. Donate whole blood, double-red, plasma; anything you safely can to help others who desperately need our help this year. I’m asking everyone who can to donate between now and my birthday as a way to celebrate another year of finding ways to help others. Thank you so much for helping me reach my goal!!

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