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Do you want to help with Covid-19 but don't know where to start?
4 /25

Do you want to help with corona virus but don’t know where to start? You can donate blood and blood products! One of the tools for managing acute respiratory distress syndrome associated with COVID19 is ECMO, or extracorporeal oxygenation, where blood is oxygenated by a machine outside of the body. The thing is, it requires a lot of donated blood products to be effective. There’s a nationwide shortage and anything you give can help! You can donate whole blood, or if you want to donate more frequently, you can donate plasma and platelets! Donation sites are appointment only now to comply with social distancing. At this anxious period of concern in our daily lives, we, the members of Murrells Inlet Lodge #368 of Ancient Free Masons are extending our help to those who so desperately need it. Thank you in advance your your unyielding support!

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