Mark’s Battle: Donate Blood to Support Mark’s Journey

4 /25

Over the last few weeks, I’ve realized just how privileged I was. The privilege I’ve taken for granted amongst everything in this life is my health. There are few things in life that you can’t buy. Most people would say you can’t buy happiness. But let’s be real, to some extent, you can. For me, when I think of things money can’t buy, I think of time, genuine love, peace, confidence, integrity, and most of all, your health. Overnight, you could so easily be robbed of this. I feel like that’s what happened to my brother. And there was nothing I, or anyone, even the most skilled medical team could do about it.

My brother underwent a total colectomy a few days ago, removing his entire colon. From there, he underwent two additional emergency surgeries due to unforeseen complications. Throughout his journey in the ICU, Mark suddenly started losing an excess amount of blood, and his vitals started tanking. The trauma team in the ICU had to come to assist the surgical ICU at one point. While his body was losing blood, they continued to bring bag after bag to infuse right back into him, to keep him alive.

I’ve had a lot of moments to think to myself over the last two weeks. I’ll spare you from all of those thoughts, but the one thing today that I can’t get off my mind while looking at each bag of blood they put on Mark’s IV pole, was wondering whose blood that was. What was their name, age, and story? I desperately wish I knew so I could thank them. I wanted them to know that while they had no clue where their blood went after they left the donation facility, it was currently saving my brother’s life. And to some extent, as dramatic as it sounds, saving mine too. It’s without doubt, that without those blood donors, Mark would have died.

This campaign is to honor the donors who helped save my brother, and to Mark who fought the hardest battle. And while he’s still fighting that battle in the ICU, it’s not too early to bring awareness. I know I’ve asked a lot from our family, friends, and total strangers, from sending him positive thoughts, praying for him, making donations, and now, giving blood… This truly is a gift of life that I will never take for granted. I hope that you’ll step outside of your comfort zone and donate to my cause. For me, for my brother, and for all the lives that you’ll save.