Mama Bear & CinderBella Birthday Blood Drive

Mama Bear and young CinderBella
16 /25

My life as a Mom changed dramatically on 8/6/21 when my first born was diagnosed with leukemia. She was getting blood almost every single day during her 13 weeks in the hospital. Her battle continued after she left and continues to this day. Only recently was she told that she is cancer free, but the treatments continue.

My birthday is August 14 and my “CinderBella’s” birthday is September 10. Please consider helping us celebrate by donating blood and platelets… and share my campaign. The need for more blood donations is severe! #BloodForBella

To get started, make your pledge by clicking the red button above, and then visit to schedule your donation appointment. You can give at a locally hosted blood drive or at a permanent Red Cross blood donation center.

The impact we can make together is the best gift I can imagine! Thanks for helping celebrate my birthday and for helping save patient lives with your generous gift. Please pledge to give blood today!


Posted on: September 10, 2023

We didn’t meet the goal but 16 pledges is amazing! What a way to honor my daughter on her 21st birthday! You all have helped saved approximately 48 lives!! Thank you so much to everyone! I appreciate your time more than you know! Please remember, the need for blood doesn’t end just because my blood drive has.

Please share

Posted on: August 28, 2023

Thank you to all who have pledged so far! Please share the need for blood donations. We are still 15 donors away from my goal of 25. Hopefully we can get some more people to pledge their donations before Bella’s 21st birthday on 9/10/23.