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Please help spread Luna’s Love by joining us in donating blood in her memory.

Luna was born May 1, 2012 and passed away on May 31, 2020 to Childhood Cancer. Luna had a special connection with all those that she met. She had a smile that would brighten up anyone’s day and she always gave amazing hugs. Luna exuded Love! She is severely missed everyday.

Luna had many blood and platelet transfusions throughout her life due to her bleeding disorder and especially due to the blood cancer. Without those blood transfusions, Luna would not have survived as long as she did and we are so thankful for the time we had with her, however short.

In honor of Luna’s 11th birthday and in remembrance of her 3 year anniversary, we are asking that you join us in spreading Luna’s Love by pledging to donate blood in her honor and remembrance. We want to give back for all that was given to Luna and our family. Please help keep Luna’s Love alive by supporting those alive now who need blood! Thank you for remembering our daughter Luna and honoring her memory.