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As you may be aware, September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. The importance of this has become very personal to our office.

Just barely before COVID-19 became a household term, Wes Turner (an advisor with Lumature Wealth Partners) married his lovely bride, Dr. Alex Riccardi. Only a few months later, Dr. Alex was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL) M3 low risk. Before they could even wrap their heads around this diagnosis, she was taken in an ambulance and given her first blood transfusion on the way to the hospital. This trip became a 30-day stay where she received 42 transfusions and was treated with two types of “chemotherapies.” Even after leaving the hospital, Dr. Alex still had to receive numerous treatments in an outpatient oncology clinic.

While this was a grueling treatment, APL is it is one of the few curable cancers. Most patients that survive the first 30 days have a 98% chance of beating this awful disease. We are extremely happy to report that Dr. Alex is one of these success stories. To learn more about her journey and what she is currently passionate about, check out her blog,

In honor of Dr. Alex’s one-year battle, concluding with the wonderful news of being in full remission, we invite you to celebrate with us! We are joining forces with the American Red Cross to help folks like her as well as countless others who are in need of life-saving blood donations.

To find out how to donate at a location near you, please click the red “Pledge to Give Blood” button.

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