Loving On Ab

35 /30

At 30 weeks utero we were given three possible diagnosis for our little girl; thanatophoric dysplasia (fatal), crouzon syndrome (would require numerous surgeries and a nicu stay) or “normal”. Well, she made her appearance via c-section with her abnormal shaped head but otherwise perfectly healthy. NO NICU FOR US (whoot!). We spent the next weeks/months planning for the first surgery. A surgery that would help fix the clover shape of her head to help release any pressure that may be building and causing any physical/mental delays. Our girl went in for surgery at 2 months old, at just a little over 10 pounds and ROCKED that surgery. There are so many people to thank for it’s success; people we will never be able to thank because of their blood donation. Abi required two blood transfusions during her hospital stay, and I am forever grateful for those that donated and saved my child. Today she is a typical tween – smart, sassy, kind, and true to her Five Nights At Freddy’s loving self. Raising her has been one of our greatest blessings.

Summer 2023 = Surgery Summer. We want to ask everyone to help us give back by donating. From this mama to you, thank you for helping. It truly means the world.