LNRSG SleevesUp – Q3 2022

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At LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group, giving back to the community is one of our core values and donating blood is a great way to give to those in need.  Blood donations are essential to help patients survive surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, and traumatic injuries and each unit of blood donated can save up to 3 lives. The Red Cross has to collect 15,000 blood donations every day to have enough blood to help patients in 2,700 hospitals and transfusion centers across the country. That’s a lot of patients in need and all of us, coming together, can help ensure patients receive life saving blood.

At LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group we conduct in-person blood drives every 2 months at our headquarters in Alpharetta, GA. In 2021 we conducted 6 drives and collected a total of 252 units of blood which saved ~750 lives.  In 2022, we are looking to expand our campaign beyond Alpharetta to encourage people throughout our RSG offices in the United States to donate blood and help us to surpass our goal of collecting enough blood to save over 1,000 lives!

So “SleevesUp” and help us reach our goal. Please make an appointment today at a local American Red Cross facility to give blood.  And if there is no Red Cross facility in your area, please donate through the organization of your choice.

If you have any questions regarding our SleevesUp Campaign, please contact Alan Daniels at [email protected] or Ken Kurzweil at [email protected]. Alan serves as the Blood Drive Coordinator for all blood drives held at our LexisNexis facility and Ken is our Corporate Champion for our blood drives and serves on the Greater Atlanta Board of the American Red Cross.