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Jacob received 32 blood and 86 platelet transfusions during his 4 year battle with Neuroblastoma. These transfusions made treatment possible, and improved Jacob’s quality of life. Once a transfusion began, Jacob was often like a wilted flower being placed in a vase of water. It never took long for him to perk up and blossom. That is the power of a transfusion.

We lost our sweet boy to cancer, but those transfusions gave us priceless time and memories with Jacob. We witnessed these transfusions alleviated Jacob’s pain and allow him to enjoy life.

I wrote this on a beautiful spring day:

It’s amazing what a transfusion can do. Today, Jacob had a burst of energy and actually kicked the ball around for a few minutes. He even ran! This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I can’t help but try to freeze and capture the moment. Thankful for warm spring days and transfusions ☀️

A day Jacob otherwise would have spent inside, in discomfort, he got to play in the warm son with his daddy and cousins, as I gushed over the miracle, trying to freeze the moment in photos and videos. A portion of them are included in the video above.

Transfusions were so important to Jacob’s treatment and comfort. Be someone’s miracle. Give the gift of life.

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