Little things have a big impact

One pint at a time!
1 /100

Just over a month before my 12th birthday I lost my brother. It was a devastating time for all of us. I remember hearing how his organs had been donated and how others would have a better life because of him. Two people were now going to be able to see again because of he. And someone got skin graphs, and someone else got the bone marrow they needed. I will never forget how relived I felt knowing that at the end of his life, he still made a big impact on the life of a stranger!  That is the day I became a donor. One of the simplest and easiest things you can donate is blood. Your one donation could save 3 lives, and its got healt benefits as well.  

So for my birthday this year I am asking all my friends and family to pull your #SleevesUp and donate a little blood. Take a picture and post with the #LittleThingBigImpact
Let’s make a big impact in this crazy world.