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As a mental heath practice, we spend every day encouraging people along their journeys towards better mental health. There is #NoOneFace to mental health conditions just as there is no one face to those in need of blood transfusions. I’m asking you to help us kick off the new year on a positive note by pledging and donating blood in the month of January.

The Red Cross is dangerously low on their blood supply currently and donations historically go down drastically in the winter months due to illness and weather challenges. A single blood donation could help save potentially 3 lives. And most donations take only 10 minutes to complete. Please take your passion for helping others and book an appointment to donate today! Imagine the lives we could save together! Share the campaign with your family and friends. Encourage them to join us in being a positive force for good.

Don’t forget to share your donation story on your socials! #LifeStanceNortheastSleevesUp #NoOneFace #LifeStance #AmericanRedCross

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