Be someone's Lifeline #MylifelinetoYou
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At one point in our lives we all pondered on the possibilities of what we could’ve done, what we could’ve brought to the world, and what our true potential would’ve been if we had made the right decision. Really, for many of us, we think that we are too young, too different, or too incapable of changing the world. That our life, compared to billions of others, isn’t as important. Well, that is absolutely and incredibly wrong.

If anything, we are more valuable to each other than we realize. Everyday, millions of people all over the world need OUR help to live. They suffer, and eventually can die, with a lack of blood supply. Blood is constantly needed to support the lives of BILLIONS, in everyday medical care. However, only 3% of age eligible people donate blood yearly. There’s nearly 10.3 pints of blood in the average adult, one of which can be donated to support a cancer patient. 365 days, where one can be dedicated towards the survival of a person with heart disease. Whether it be your neighbor, a relative, a stranger or even yourself, a blood donation can save their life.

We can’t alter the consequences of our actions, nor can we do much for the things we regret. However, even at our lowest points, we are still valuable beings. We can save a life with a packet of blood. With the one decision to go to a donation center, and roll up our sleeves. One decision is something, that counts for everything.

Starting with a small goal of 10 donations, my campaign to encourage others comes from the fact that my sister was saved by one. I aim to spread awareness about the dire situation, even if it gets to 10 people from the start. Those, to me, are 10 steps to the right future.

Starting today, be someone’s lifeline. Visit a donation center today, and make the right choice. #MylifelinetoYou.