Let’s Save ONE LIFE at a time

4 /25

I don’t know where to start! 🙁

For a while I lived thinking there was nothing for me on this earth. It was not worth it living (not that I wanted to die or kill myself) it was just that I did not see my purpose, until I met someone super special. Then, I realized that living is more than just living, it is LOVE for myself, love for mother earth and father sun, love for my friends and for those who are not my friends. When life hits us hard is when we test our own strength and the strength of our loved ones.
Today, I am reaching out to everyone!!!!! A very special person is in need of your help, a little bit of your blood and/or platelets will save her life.
Please make an appointment with the red cross at your convenience. Sooner rather than later!!.


Please forward this link to everyone you know.

Let’s save one life at a time!
Vivian Rey