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The American Red Cross is facing a national blood crisis – its worst blood shortage in over a decade, posing a concerning risk to patient care. With less than a one-day supply of critical blood types in recent weeks, doctors have been forced to make difficult decisions about who receives blood transfusions and who will need to wait until more products become available. The Red Cross is working around the clock. While there is not an immediate need for additional blood drive locations, more blood donors are needed now. Damon and I are going to give and thought, why not encourage others to give too? Less than 1 day is scary. Let’s do this! Let’s give!

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #letsgive

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Roṋewa Mathephe
RT @RambauTalifhai: A giving hands is a receiving hand. #LetsGive. pic.twitter.com/CpYZJSPZE7 at 8.8.2022 08:58