Let the Love Flow for Jonus

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In early January 2022, 2-year-old Jonus was diagnosed with BALL leukemia, the most treatable and common type with the highest survivability. But like with everything there are risks.

Jonus is in the best place possible for treatment right now. They are running every test possible and want to start his treatment right away.

For those of you wanting to know what you can do for Jonus, his mom Tara and dad John. Pray. Hard. Pray for our family, extended family, and most of all for the doctors and staff here who are going to fight as hard as they can for Jonus.

For those of you wanting to do something the only thing I ask is, if you are able to, donate blood. (If you’re not able, please share this campaign with your family, friends, coworkers, etc.) Jonus has had 2 transfusions so far and over 10 treatments of blood cells, platelets and plasma. All of this is going on with a blood supply shortage which makes every drop of the blood he receives very important to him. To those who donate we can’t thank you enough for your life-giving gift. Blood donations will literally save Jonus’s life.

Going forward is a long, emotional, rough journey. There will be tests and labs and countless other scary things happening.

Going forward is a rough road but it is the only way through. So we forge ahead. Armed with doctors, nurses, angels, and every other tool available at our disposal.

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