Leila’s Promise: Hope in Every Drop – Virtual Blood Drive

8 /30

Leila’s Promise is hosting a blood drive for sickle cell disease in memory of our Aunt Pudding, who lost her life to the disease, and to support our family members, who are living with it. Sickle cell disease significantly impacts many in the United States, especially African Americans and Hispanic Americans. Blood transfusions are essential for managing this condition, but finding matches can be challenging without diverse blood donations.

Key Facts:
– Sickle cell disease affects about 100,000 Americans.
– It disproportionately impacts African Americans and Hispanic Americans.
– The disease causes red blood cells to become rigid and crescent-shaped, leading to severe pain and complications.
– Regular blood transfusions are critical for managing symptoms and preventing complications.
– Diverse blood donations are crucial for finding compatible matches due to genetic diversity.

Join us in honoring Aunt Pudding’s memory and supporting individuals with sickle cell by donating blood. Your donation could save a life.