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On February 10th, 2015 I was shot 6 times in my driveway.  I needed 14 units of blood, 4 operations and countless “heroes” to keep me alive. On Valentine’s Day, I opened my eyes from a coma for the first time and began a remarkable, full recovery.  If not for first responders, surgeons, doctors and nurses and blood donors, I would be dead.

So, on this Valentine’s day, February 14th, I invite you to celebrate all of these heroes with me. Not only the ones who saved me.. but those who save lives every day and rarely get recognized.  Let’s celebrate these heroes and be a hero by giving the gift of life.

Wherever you are, please take an hour to visit a donation center or blood drive and pledge your donation to our “Celebration of Heroes.”  You can donate anytime between now and February 28th and pledge to our drive.  Thank You!!

~Kyle Kraska

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