Kim Gerlach Memorial Blood drive campaign

Kim's retirement party
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Hello friends, family and fellow AEP employees and retirees. Many of you may have heard of the passing of Kim Gerlach on May 31st 2024. She was a wonderful friend and an asset to the AEP family, having worked for AEP for 32 years, retiring in 2016.

What many of you may not have known, was that Kim was a dedicated blood donor, over the years, having donated a total of 14 gallons of blood. One of her last requests was for those who are able and so inclined, to please donate blood.

That is my motivation today for asking, that any of you who would like to honor Kim’s memory, please schedule a blood donation soon, at a location near you and be sure to note at sign-in, that you are donating in Kim’s honor.

To put things in prospective, 14 gallons of blood is equal to 112 pints. Given that you can donate 1 pint about 6 times a year, Kim invested 18+ years donating blood to help an untold number of people. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could honor her memory, by donating at least this many pints of blood, paying it forward, as she no longer can.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration of this life saving request.

Judy Taylor, Kim’s friend and former coworker.