Kenzies ARC Blood Drive

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The first time I donated blood it was on impulse. I decided a few days before that I wanted to give it a shot and the feeling afterwards was incredible.

Blood donations are used for so much. Whether you give whole blood, plasma, platelets, or PowerRed, your blood (or blood components) are being used to save lives and/or make life saving treatments for people around the world.

Cancer Treatments, Severe Anemia, Trauma Surgeries, Birth, Blood Disorders, Immunodeficiencies, and so many other things require blood that is donated. Every 2 seconds someone in the United States needs blood for one of these many reasons. I have the ability to donate to help these people and I encourage everyone else who can to do the same!

Just one blood donation has the power to save three lives. That means that you can save three peoples lives with just one blood donation session, which typically doesn’t even take an entire hour of your time. In less than 60 minutes, from the time you enter to the time you leave, you have the power to give life to three human beings. Your body can live without this blood while others can not.

Whether you can personally donate blood or not, you have the opportunity to help others across the country just by hosting a drive, sharing the link to a drive, or telling others about the importance of the work conducted through the American Red Cross. No matter how you participate, you can make an impact.