Keep that Rainbow Hanging Over Her Head

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Jennifer Wood (a.k.a., Jen, Jenny) is a friend to all she meets and her smile, energy, and love of fun and adventure are contagious to those around her. For more than two years now, Jen has been battling cancer like the true fighter she is. As her journey continues and treatment plans change course repeatedly, regular blood transfusions have become part of her new normal.

Throughout all of this time, all those who know Jen have asked, “How can I help?” or “What does she need?” and aside from prayer, there was no easy way to answer those questions. Until now! To honor Jen and pay it forward to others like her that are enduring their own medical battles, let’s join forces and raise our sleeves for the ‘Keep that Rainbow Hanging Over Her Head’ blood donation campaign.

Donating blood is easy, and even if you are worried or afraid of needles, think of Jen and all those like her who are enduring much more invasive treatments and procedures on a regular basis. Literally, every 2 minutes in America someone needs blood. If they can do it, we can too, so please consider making an appointment today!

We have set a goal of completing 100 blood donations for the “Keep that Rainbow Hanging Over Her Head” campaign. On behalf of Jen, her family, and her friends, we are so grateful for your time and donation – you are truly making a difference in the lives of others (every donation can help save up to three lives, in fact)!

Please help spread the word and help keep Jen’s rainbow shining bright!

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