Kasasa Annual Virtual Blood Drive Sponsored By The BERG

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The BERG at Kasasa would like to invite you to help make a difference and potentially save lives by signing up and heading out to your local American Red Cross to donate blood. The BERG would also like to take this opportunity in honor of Black History month to celebrate and highlight the amazing achievements of Dr. Charles Richard Drew aka “father of the blood blank” who pioneered methods for long-term storage of blood plasma which helped make it possible for us to show the true nature of our humanity and spread love through the selfless act of giving blood to others, offering them hope for another chance at life.

The BERG exists to foster an environment of awareness, acceptance, and advocacy — so that Kasasa’s black professionals can show up as their authentic selves each day. We’re passionate about pursuing activities that increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Just like the BERG, everyone is welcome and needed to give blood (even friends and family!), so SleevesUp and help save some lives by making and keeping an appointment to give blood to the American Red Cross.