Kappa Psi Pacific West Province Fall Philanthropy

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In January of this year, the American Red Cross declared the first ever blood crisis amidst the Omicron Surge. Since then, blood products have still been in high demand.

To help alleviate this demand on blood, the Pacific West Province of Kappa Psi is dedicating our Fall Philanthropy to blood donations. This is a great opportunity for us as healthcare workers to give back to the community at large and help our patients.

What will your donation do? For every donation (whole blood, power red, platelets, or plasma), 3 lives are saved. This can be patients with sickle cell, cancer, trauma, or any other indication that will need blood transfusion.

How can you help? Sign up here to donate blood! This site will prompt you to find an American Red Cross center near you to donate blood. If you have any questions on this, contact your Pacific West Chaplain. You can also give financial support via our Facebook drive here:


Thank you for helping us give back to our patients and cannot wait to see you at province!