Joseph’s Birthday Memorial Blood Drive

Joseph Michael Landolfi Jr.
19 /50

One blood donation can help save up to three lives. Your donation means a lot to patients in need. We know that if Joseph were alive today he would support and love this cause. Celebrate Joseph’s birthday by donating in the month of June and July. You can also join “Team JoJo by first downloading the American Red Cross app, Next, click on the bottom right “Impact” button, then search “Team JoJo”. You will be able to donate anytime, anywhere and your donation will count towards “Team JoJo”. Joseph would have turned 22 years old this year on June 4, 2024, lets keep Joseph’s beautiful spirit and heart alive by making a donation in his memory.

Help us reach our goal of 50 blood donations and our Team JoJo member goal is 40 (currently were at 23). Let’s ensure that patients receive the life saving blood they need. Make and keep an appointment to give blood to the American Red Cross. #TeamJoJo